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How To Screenshot On Dell Laptops

Screenshots can be a useful tool for capturing and sharing images of your computer screen. If you have a Dell laptop, there are several methods you can use to take a screenshot. A step-by-step tutorial for taking screenshot on Dell laptops is provided here.

Using the Print Screen Key

Find the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard of your Dell laptop.This key is usually labeled “PrtScn” and is located near the top row of keys, to the right of the F12 key.

On the screen that you want to capture. Press the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. This technique will capture the complete screen and save it to your clipboard. Open an image editing application like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.

In order to paste the screenshot into the image editing programme, either press “Ctrl + V” or select “Paste” from the “Edit” menu. When you press “Save As” from the “File” menu, the screenshot will be saved. Click “Save” after deciding on a place and a file name for the snapshot.

Using the Windows Snipping Tool

By typing “snipping tool” into the search box or looking for it in the Start menu, you can get the Windows Snipping Tool. The “New” button should be clicked to start a new screenshot.

To pick a portion of the screen to capture, use your mouse. You can choose the full screen, a freeform area, or a rectangular area with the Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool will open a window with the screenshot image once you have chosen the region to capture. By clicking the “Save As” option under the “File” menu screenshot is saved. After choosing a place for a snapshot and naming the file click “Save”.

Using the Windows Game Bar

To take screenshot on dell laptop using the window game bar do following steps:

Press the keyboard shortcut “Windows + G” to open the Game Bar.

To capture a picture of the currently open window, select “Screenshot.”

The screenshot will be stored in a “Captures” folder on your computer. You can access this folder by going to the “Xbox” app and clicking on the “Captures” tab.

Screenshot On Dell Laptops Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Locate the screen you wish to capture and go closer to it.

On your keyboard, press the “Windows + PrtScn” button. When you click this button, a screenshot of your screen will be taken and saved to the “Screenshots” folder.

Go to the “Pictures” folder and select the “Screenshots” folder to find the screenshot. With the date and time of the capture in the file name, the screenshot will be saved as a PNG file.

Using Third-Party Screenshot Tools

If you want to take screenshots with advanced features such as image editing, annotation, or scrolling capture, you may want to consider using a third-party screenshot tool. Here are some popular options:

Snagit: This paid tool allows you to take screenshots and edit them with a wide range of features, including arrows, boxes, text, and more. It also has a scrolling capture feature, which allows you to take a screenshot of a webpage or document that extends beyond the visible screen area.

Greenshot: This free and open-source tool allows you to capture specific areas of the screen, create drawings and text boxes, and more. Scrolling capture feature is also available.

Lightshot: This free tool allows you to take screenshots and edit them within the browser. It also has a feature that allows you to upload the screenshot to the web and share a link with others.

To use a third-party screenshot tool, simply download and install the tool, and then follow the instructions provided by the tool to take and edit your screenshots. Some tools may require you to set up hotkeys or other settings before you can use them.

Keep in mind that some third-party screenshot tools may not work with all versions of Windows or on all Dell laptops, so it’s a good idea to check the tool’s compatibility before installing it.

Overall, third-party screenshot tools can be a useful option if you want more advanced features than those provided by the built-in screenshot methods on your Dell laptop. They can help you capture and share high-quality screenshots with ease.

Tips for Taking Screenshot on Dell Laptops

Here are a few tips to help you take better screenshots on your Dell laptop:

If you want to take a screenshot of just one window, rather than the entire screen, press the “Alt + PrtScn” keys. The active window will be saved to your clipboard after being captured in this manner.

If you want to take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen, you can use the Windows Snipping Tool or a third-party tool such as Greenshot or Lightshot. These tools allow you to select a custom area of the screen to capture.

To add visual elements to your screenshot, such as arrows, boxes, or text, you can use an image editing program or a tool with annotation features such as Snagit.

If you want to take a screenshot of a scrolling window, such as a web page or document, you can use a tool such as Snagit or Greenshot, which have scrolling capture capabilities.

To quickly access your screenshots, you can use the “Windows + E” keys to open the File Explorer, and then navigate to the “Pictures” folder and click on the “Screenshots” folder.

If you want to take a screenshot and share it directly with someone, you can use a tool such as Lightshot, which allows you to upload the screenshot to the web and share a link with others.

By following these tips and using the methods described above, you should be able to take high-quality screenshots on your Dell laptop with ease. Whether you want to capture a specific area of the screen, a scrolling window, or the entire screen, there is a method that will suit your needs.

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